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Why join?

Kutch Madhapar Karyalaya (U.K) is a self sufficient organisation for people who are of Madhapar origin or for people who have some roots connected to the Gaam. By joining Kutch Madhapar Karyalaya (U.K) you and your family could have more interaction with the people of your Gaam who have the common cultural upbringing.

Benefits of becoming a member

You will receive regular information by post of forthcoming Kutch Madhapar Karyalaya (U.K) events.
Receive free entry pass to Kutch Madhapar Karyalaya (U.K) Annual Gaam Meeting

How much is to join?

£15 per adult (18 years or over) per year if renewed annually
£12.50 per adult (18 years or over) per year if renewed for 3 or 5 years

Other Information

*Only those who have origins in Madhapar or whose spouse is from Madhapar may apply for the membership.

*Duration of membership is from 1st September to 31st August.

*Both parents must be members if children under 18 are included in the membership form (unless single parent).

*Membership can be paid for 1 year, 3 years or 5 years.

*Membership fee is fixed for the duration of membership.

  • Existing member's membership expiring on 31st August of the current year will be eligible to renew their membership by 31st of March of the following year.
  • Two renewal reminders will be sent to all members whose membership has expired on 31st August. Any members who do not renew their membership by 31st March will have to join the waiting list.
  • Those who are already members can add their children who reach the age of 18 or same member of the family living at the same address.
  • Those who are already members and get married then his or her spouse will be eligible to become a member.


How do I apply?

Print the Membership Form from here  or Complete online form

Include details of all children under 18

Kutch Madhapar Karyalaya UK
PO BOX 791

Cheque payable to Kutch Madhapar Karyalaya ( UK )
(Write your name and address on back of cheque)

payments can now be made via Bank Transfer (details available after completing the online form

For further information Email us at